Solar Power

At Cooling the Tropics, we are one of the most experienced solar installers in Cairns. Our technicians have extensive experience when it comes to solar power, so you can trust our advice when buying solar panels and equipment.

We make it easy to upgrade your home to solar energy, through no stress sales and installations. Our range of solar power options include products suited to household, commercial and stand-alone systems. All components used are compatible with our solar panel range, ensuring optimum performance and efficiency.

Cooling the Tropics handle all aspects of solar power sales and installations. This includes:

  • An assessment of your energy needs
  • A custom solar energy system design for your property
  • Complete supply and installation of solar power systems
  • Recommendations on how to care for solar panels
  • Comprehensive after-sales service.

To discuss your energy requirements, simply give us a call today. Alternatively, use our online quote form to request a free quote.