Cooling the Tropics provides unrivalled service for air-conditioning sales, servicing and installations throughout Cairns. We have training and qualifications in both electrical services and air-conditioning. This ensures professional results for all our residential, commercial and industrial cooling projects.

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Air-conditioning Installations

For effective air-conditioning that doesn't break the bank, you can't go past Cooling theTropics. We provide efficient sales and installations for residential, commercial and industrial air-conditioners. Our team have years of experience working with products from manufacturers such as LG, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Electric and Fujitsu. Whether you want to cool a room, a multi-zone office or a factory, we can help you. Our staff ensure correct placement and installation of split-systems, ducted air-conditioners and evaporative systems.

For affordable Cairns air-conditioning supply and installation services, call Cooling the Tropics today.

Air-conditioning Repairs

At Cooling the Tropics we have the expertise and know-how to repair all types of airconditioners. Our technicians provide mobile repairs throughout Cairns, assisting with both the electrical and mechanical components of your air-conditioners. We provide a range of services to keep your cooling system working as efficiently as possible, including compressor repairs, ducting replacements and fitting new belts.

If your air-conditioner fails to keep your place cool, we can be there to quickly repair it. Pick up the phone and call Cooling the Tropics today.

Air-conditioner Cleaning

Regular cleaning keeps your air-conditioner operating efficiently. It also reduces the chance of bacteria developing in your filters-which can pose health risks. Cooling the Tropics provide affordable air-conditioner cleaning services throughout Cairns, from one-off cleans to on-going scheduled maintenance. Our technicians use carefully selected cleaning products to keep your system safe.

Call us today to make a booking. We provide cleaning for all types of residential, commercial and industrial air-conditioners.

Air-conditioner Servicing

Particularly important for commercial and industrial air-conditioners, servicing helps ensure the safe operation of your system. At Cooling the Tropics, we provide affordable servicing to keep your air-conditioner performing during times of peak demand. Aside from a visual inspection, our technicians can also test the output and electrical supply to your air-conditioner.

For prompt air-conditioning servicing and repairs, contact our technicians today.